Hearing with Eyes in Virtual Reality

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PubDate: August 2019

Teams: Aalborg Universitet

Writers: Amalie Rosenkvist; David Sebastian Eriksen; Jeppe Koehlert; Miicha Valimaa; Mikkel Brogaard Vittrup; Anastasia Andreasen;George Palamas

PDF: Hearing with Eyes in Virtual Reality


Sound and light signal propagation have similar physical properties. This provides inspiration for creating an audio-visual echolocation system, where light is mapped to the sound signal, visually representing auralization of the virtual environment (VE). Some mammals navigate using echolocation; however humans are less successful with this. To the authors’ knowledge, it remains to be seen if sound propagation and its visualization have been implemented in a perceptually pleasant way and is used for navigation purposes in the VE. Therefore, the core novelty of this research is navigation with visualized echolocation signal using a cognitive mental mapping activity in the VE.

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