Semantic Scene Reconstruction Using the DenseCRF Model

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PubDate: May 2019

Teams: Beihang University

Writers: Zhixin Ma; Chong Cao; Xukun Shen

PDF: Semantic Scene Reconstruction Using the DenseCRF Model


With the rapid growth of virtual reality industry, fast and accurate algorithms for scene reconstruction and understanding became the research focus in related fields. Traditional methods always consider the 3D model and scene understanding as two problems and work them out separately. In this paper, we propose a new method to reconstruct semantic 3D models from multi-view images. This method not only contains information of points in 3D space, but also builds up their relationship with pixels from images. We commit experiments on four real challenging datasets to test the effectiveness of our proposed method. The reconstruction can be directly applied to virtual reality applications, such as roaming in 3D scenes.