Vive Tracking Alignment and Correction Made Easy

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PubDate: August 2018

Teams: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Writers: Alex Peer; Peter Ullich; Kevin Ponto

PDF: Vive Tracking Alignment and Correction Made Easy


The alignment of virtual and real coordinate spaces is a general problem in virtual reality research, as misalignments may influence experiments that depend on correct representation or registration of objects in space. This work proposes an automated alignment and correction for the HTC Vive tracking system by using three Vive Trackers arranged to describe the desired axis of origin in the real space. The proposed technique should facilitate the alignment of real and virtual scenes, and automatic correction of a source of error in the Vive tracking system shown to cause misalignments on the order of tens of centimeters. An initial proof-of-concept simulation on recorded data demonstrates a significant reduction of error.

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