Beaming Displays

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PubDate: Apr 2021

Teams: Tokyo Institute of Technology;University College London

Writers: Yuta Itoh, Takumi Kaminokado, Kaan Aksit

PDF: Beaming Displays


Existing near-eye display designs struggle to balance between multiple trade-offs such as form factor, weight, computational requirements, and battery life. These design trade-offs are major obstacles on the path towards an all-day usable near-eye display. In this work, we address these trade-offs by, paradoxically, \textit{removing the display} from near-eye displays. We present the beaming displays, a new type of near-eye display system that uses a projector and an all passive wearable headset. We modify an off-the-shelf projector with additional lenses. We install such a projector to the environment to beam images from a distance to a passive wearable headset. The beaming projection system tracks the current position of a wearable headset to project distortion-free images with correct perspectives. In our system, a wearable headset guides the beamed images to a user’s retina, which are then perceived as an augmented scene within a user’s field of view. In addition to providing the system design of the beaming display, we provide a physical prototype and show that the beaming display can provide resolutions as high as consumer-level near-eye displays. We also discuss the different aspects of the design space for our proposal.