Virtual Role-Play with Rapid Avatars

Note: We don't have the ability to review paper

PubDate: August 2017

Teams: University of Southern California

Writers: Ning WangAri ShapiroDavid SchwartzGabrielle LewineAndrew Wei-Wen Feng

PDF: Virtual Role-Play with Rapid Avatars


Digital doppelgangers possess great potential to serve as powerful models for behavioral change. An emerging technology, the Rapid Avatar Capture and Simulation (RACAS), enables low-cost and high-speed scanning of a human user and creation of a digital doppelganger that is a fully animatable virtual 3D model of the user. We designed a virtual role-playing game, DELTA, with digital doppelgangers to influence a human user’s attitude to-wards sexism on college campuses. In this demonstration, we will showcase the RACAS system and the DELTA game.

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