Real-Time Virtual Fitting Technique Based on Kinect

Note: We don't have the ability to review paper

PubDate: August 2018

Teams: Donghua University

Writers: Yan WanDa LuXiaohua Wang

PDF: Real-Time Virtual Fitting Technique Based on Kinect


In this paper, a real-time virtual fitting technique based on Kinect is proposed to solve a series of problems in the existing virtual fitting technique, such as large amount of data, slow response speed, no reality, and popularity. This technique mainly includes acquisition of human pose based on Kinect, garment modeling, and garment deformation. Human pose information is obtained by body contour model and human feature points which are extracted from the human depth image, color image, and skeleton point data acquired by Kinect. Then garment model is established, and 2D garment deformation algorithm is used to reshape the garment model to adapt to the human body. Finally, the virtual fitting result is shown in the color image.

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