Distance Perception with a Video See-Through Head-Mounted Display

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PubDate: May 2021

Teams: University of Central Florida,;

Writers: Kevin Pfeil;Sina Masnadi;Jacob Belga;Jose-Valentin T Sera-Josef;Joseph LaViola

PDF: Distance Perception with a Video See-Through Head-Mounted Display


In recent years, pass-through cameras have resurfaced as inclusions for virtual reality (VR) hardware. With modern cameras that now have increased resolution and frame rate, Video See-Through (VST) Head-Mounted Displays (HMD) can be used to provide an Augmented Reality (AR) experience. However, because users see their surroundings through video capture and HMD lenses, there is question surrounding how people perceive their environment with these devices. We conducted a user study with 26 participants to help understand if distance perception is altered when viewing surroundings with a VST HMD. Although previous work shows that distance estimation in VR with an HTC Vive is comparable to that in the real world, our results show that the inclusion of a ZED Mini pass-through camera causes a significant difference between normal, unrestricted viewing and that through a VST HMD.

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