StylePeople: A Generative Model of Fullbody Human Avatars

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PubDate: Apr 2021

Teams: Samsung AI Center; Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Writers: Artur Grigorev, Karim Iskakov, Anastasia Ianina, Renat Bashirov, Ilya Zakharkin, Alexander Vakhitov, Victor Lempitsky

PDF: StylePeople: A Generative Model of Fullbody Human Avatars


We propose a new type of full-body human avatars, which combines parametric mesh-based body model with a neural texture. We show that with the help of neural textures, such avatars can successfully model clothing and hair, which usually poses a problem for mesh-based approaches. We also show how these avatars can be created from multiple frames of a video using backpropagation. We then propose a generative model for such avatars that can be trained from datasets of images and videos of people. The generative model allows us to sample random avatars as well as to create dressed avatars of people from one or few images. The code for the project is available at this http URL.

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