360NorVic: 360-degree video classification from mobile encrypted video traffic

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PubDate: September 202

Teams: The University of Sydney;Telefonica Research

Writers: Chamara Kattadige;Aravindh Raman;Kanchana Thilakarathna;Andra Lutu;Diego Perino

PDF: 360NorVic: 360-degree video classification from mobile encrypted video traffic


Streaming 360° video demands high bandwidth and low latency, and poses significant challenges to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). The identification of 360° video traffic can therefore benefits fixed and mobile carriers to optimize their network and provide better Quality of Experience (QoE) to the user. However, end-to-end encryption of network traffic has obstructed identifying those 360° videos from regular videos. As a solution this paper presents 360NorVic, a near-realtime and offline Machine Learning (ML) classification engine to distinguish 360° videos from regular videos when streamed from mobile devices. We collect packet and flow level data for over 800 video traces from YouTube & Facebook accounting for 200 unique videos under varying streaming conditions. Our results show that for near-realtime and offline classification at packet level, average accuracy exceeds 95%, and that for flow level, 360NorVic achieves more than 92% average accuracy. Finally, we pilot our solution in the commercial network of a large MNO showing the feasibility and effectiveness of 360NorVic in production settings.

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