Pseudo-Hologram with Aerohaptic Feedback for Interactive Volumetric Displays

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PubDate: 01 September 2021

Teams: University of Glasgow

Writers: Adamos Christou, Radu Chirila, Ravinder Dahiya

PDF: Pseudo-Hologram with Aerohaptic Feedback for Interactive Volumetric Displays


The ability to display virtual objects midair that can be seen without special headwear is an attractive proposition for the virtual reality systems of the near future. Volumetric display technologies have demonstrated this concept, allowing users to view virtual objects with real dimensions in 3D space while enabling some forms of interaction. Developments have been witnessed in haptic feedback technologies which are used to deliver a sensation of touch in the digital world. As virtual environments find more applications in today’s world, haptic feedback devices have potential to integrate with virtual reality systems and contribute to a more immersive and interactive user experience. Herein, an air-based haptic feedback device, named Aerohaptics, is presented, which delivers mid-air tactile feedback while the user is manipulating virtual objects within a pseudo-holographic display. The developed system constitutes a cost-effective approach with relatively low complexity and various potential applications as no wearable or handheld peripherals are required. The delivered haptic feedback can be accurately directed at specific locations on the user’s hand and its intensity can be controlled to suit various interaction scenarios. Through experiments, localized feedback on the user’s fingertips as well as varying feedback force according to the user’s hand movement is demonstrated.

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