Developing an Accessible Evaluation Method of VR Cybersickness

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PubDate: August 2019

Teams: Koritsu Hakodate Mirai Daigaku

Writers: Takurou Magaki; Michael Vallance

PDF: Developing an Accessible Evaluation Method of VR Cybersickness


Despite its growing popularity, Virtual Reality (VR) has yet to make a significant impact in conventional education due to its high cost, unconvincing learning data, complexity of the technologies and, persistently, cybersickness. To alleviate this dilemma, it is necessary to develop a straightforward and reliable measurement of cybersickness for VR application developers and mainstream educators. The Empatica E4 wearable device and its eco-system were utilized to record Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Electrodermal Activity (EDA) during customized computer-based and VR tasks with 16 participants. The metrics of S, NNMean, SDNN, RMSSD, and Poincaré Plot in HRV data and SCR width in EDA data were found to be potential indicators of cybersickness. Further research aims to determine a specific cybersickness index.

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