VibeRo: Vibrotactile Stiffness Perception Interface for Virtual Reality

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PubDate: February 2020

Teams: Nazarbayev University;Sorbonne University;University of California

Writers: Adilzhan Adilkhanov; Amir Yelenov; Ramakanth Singal Reddy; Alexander Terekhov; Zhanat Kappassov

PDF: VibeRo: Vibrotactile Stiffness Perception Interface for Virtual Reality


Haptic interfaces allow a more realistic experience with Virtual Reality (VR). They are used to manipulate virtual objects. These objects can be rigid and soft. In this letter, we have designed and evaluated a vibrotactile hand-held device (VibeRo) to achieve haptic cues of different soft objects. The proposed method is based on combining the vision-driven displacement produced by the pseudo-haptics effect with the haptic illusion of a limb displacement obtained from force-driven synthesis of vibration of a contact surface. VibeRo features a voice-coil actuator and force-sensitive resistors for generating squeeze forces at fingertips. We present an evaluation of VibeRo’s pseudo-haptic and haptic illusion effects to render soft virtual objects. The efficacy of the approach was validated in experiments with human subjects.

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