An immersive Open Source environment using Godot

Note: We don't have the ability to review paper

PubDate: Nov 2021

Teams: Evonove SrL;University of Florence;University of Perugia

Writers: Francesca Santucci, Federico Frenguelli, Alessandro De Angelis, Ilaria Cuccaro, Damiano Perri, Marco Simonetti

PDF: An immersive Open Source environment using Godot


We present a sample implementation of a Virtual and Augmented Reality immersive environment based on Free and Libre Open Source Hardware and Software and the HTC Vive system, used to enhance the immersive experience of the user and to track her/his movements. The sense of immersion has increased and stimulated using a footplate and a Tibetan bridge, connected to the virtual world as Augmented Reality applications and implemented through an Arduino board, thereby adopting a low cost, open source hardware and software approach. The proposed architecture is relatively affordable from the cost point of view, easy to implement, configure and adapt to different contexts. It can be of great help for organizing laboratory classes for young students to afford the implementation of virtual worlds and Augmented Reality applications.

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