Roaming Automatic Generation Method based on Panoramic Image

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PubDate: January 2022

Teams: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Writers: Danning Hu; Hongliang Wang

PDF: Roaming Automatic Generation Method based on Panoramic Image


Panoramic roaming is a common application of virtual reality. In view of the problems of traditional panoramic roaming making, such as cumbersome operation, difficult maintenance and poor universality, this paper designs a data structure of space path based on forward associated edge by analyzing and summarizing common storage methods of map and road network, and proposes an automatic roaming generated method according to the path model. In addition, the panoramic image uploaded to the model has been visually optimized. The roaming comparison experiment of real space and virtual space shows that the automatic roaming construction method solves the problem of complicated operation and poor modifiability of panoramic roaming, and can automatically generate spatial panoramic roaming for the panoramic image and path model uploaded to the model.

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