Dynamic Metasurface for Holographic Imaging

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PubDate: May 2022

Teams: Université Paris-Saclay;Univ Paris Nanterre; Xi’an Jiaotong University;Airbus Defence and Space

Writers: Rui Feng; Badreddine Ratni; Jianjia Yi; Hailin Zhang; Gérard-Pascal Piau; Alexandre Piche; André de Lustrac; Shah Nawaz Burokur

PDF: Dynamic Metasurface for Holographic Imaging


Multi-functional metasurfaces have attracted considerable attention over the recent years. However, the passive multi-functional metasurface is subjected to fixed functionalities. In this work, we propose the design of a two-dimensional dynamic metasurface where the meta-atom is individually addressable by an elaborately designed bias system. Three different kinds of holographic imaging containing focusing spots, numbers, and letters are fulfilled at different working frequencies.

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