Self-umbrelling turns over subjective direction of gravity

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PubDate: December 2018

Teams: Nagoya City University

Writers: Kenri Kodaka;Koyo Mori

PDF: Self-umbrelling turns over subjective direction of gravity


Self-umbrelling is a head-mounted display (HMD) interaction system that provides an experience approximating an out-of-body experience (OBE) involving the reversal of the subjective perception of the direction of gravity. Specifically, opening an umbrella while lying on one’s back switches one’s view from the first-person perspective (1PP) to a third-person perspective (3PP) originating from a position just above the supine body. In addition, the base of the 3PP moves upward every time the umbrella is opened. Thus, through the periodic action of opening the umbrella, the 1PP offers the experience of blowing something away, while the 3PP offers that of being blown away. This interaction is expected to activate a potentially hidden cognitive function related to OBEs, bringing up an important subject for designing HMD interaction between a player and an avatar.