Integrated Communication and Positioning with Resonant Beam

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PubDate: May 2022

Teams: Tongji University

Writers: Mingqing Liu; Shuaifan Xia; Mingliang Xiong; Mengyuan Xu; Wen Fang; Qingwen Liu

PDF: Integrated Communication and Positioning with Resonant Beam


The demands for integrated communication and positioning (ICP) have been put forward in Internet of Things. However, the existing ICP systems either face challenges in trade-off between data rates and positioning accuracy or have difficulties in guaranteeing human safety while maintaining excellent performance. In this paper, we propose a monocular resonant beam-based ICP (RB-ICP) design for simultaneously realizing high-rate data transfer and high-accuracy localization while keeping the features as intrinsic safety. Utilizing the high-efficiency transmission channel of resonant beam system and the frequency-doubled beam design, we introduce the communication model without the echo interference issue. Then, we propose a distance estimation model using the phase-shift method with frequency-quadrupled beam design. Next, the angle of arrival estimation can be conducted relying on the energy-concentrated and self-alignment features of resonant beam. The simulation methods including centroid algorithm and signal conversion simulation in a photosensor along with the noise analysis are presented. In numerical analysis, we demonstrate that the positioning error can be less than 1cm and the achievable spectral efficiency can reach 16bit/s/Hz over 2m distance in 15° field of view (FoV). This proposed system enables simultaneous high-rate data transfer and high-accuracy receiver positioning for the applications such as augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR).

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