Human-UAV Collaborative Task Scheduling for 360° Video Generating in Intelligent Transportation

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PubDate: Aug 2022

Teams:  Dalian University of Technology

Writers: Zhiwei Yuan; Hong Tang; Pengfei Wang; Zhaohong Yan; Dongsheng Zhou; Qiang Zhang; Xiaopeng Wei

PDFHuman-UAV Collaborative Task Scheduling for 360° Video Generating in Intelligent Transportation


With the rapid development of virtual reality technology, 360° video has been widely adopted in intelligent transportation, e.g., traffic monitoring, virtual driving, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to recruit workers and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to complete the task of video recording. However, we can not guarantee the quality of video recording by only employing workers or UAVs alone. Due to the real-time nature of traffic, task scheduling for 360 video generating is a major challenge in intelligent transportation. In this paper, we propose a human-UAV collaborative 360° video recording task scheduling framework from the perspective of crowdsensing. We build a point of interest (POI) model according to the characteristics of urban intelligent transportation to determine the locations of the video recording tasks and the number of camera stands. We introduce the relay UAV as the video streaming data transmission node to ensure the quality of video transmission and design the route planning algorithm of the relay UAV to guide the route planning of the camera UAV to ensure recording task synchronization. Meanwhile, workers are introduced into the route planning algorithm of camera UAVs to compete for tasks. The simulation experiments of the urban environment show that our proposed framework outperforms worker-mode and UAV-mode under the same environmental settings.

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