3D scene extraction using plane detection algorithm

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PubDate: Aug 2022

Teams:  Technical University of Sofia

Writers: Radostina Petkova; Krasimir Tonchev; Agata Manolova; Vladimir Poulkov

PDF3D scene extraction using plane detection algorithm


Enabling holographic type communications usually passes through the steps of objects and environment capturing, camera calibration, computer processing, data transmission, and remote side rendering. In many remote collaboration scenarios the local physical environment is meaningful to a distantly located expert. In such cases, the environment needs to be precisely recreated and virtually added. This paper presents a scenario where the interior of a dedicated controlled space with the form of a hexagonal cell is captured by three Kinect v2 sensors. Then, it is reconstructed as a single 3D object and further processed. However, the virtual representation of such a specific environment is disputed by the surroundings outside the hexagonal cell, that are also in the field of view of the cameras. The goal is to extract the virtual representation of the controlled physical space from its surroundings by proposing a devoted 3D scene extraction algorithm.

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