Occlusion Handling in Augmented Reality: Past, Present and Future

Note: We don't have the ability to review paper

PubDate: October 2021

Teams: Federal University of Bahia

Writers: Márcio C. F. Macedo; Antônio L. Apolinário

PDF: Occlusion Handling in Augmented Reality: Past, Present and Future


One of the main goals of many augmented reality applications is to provide a seamless integration of a real scene with additional virtual data. To fully achieve that goal, such applications must typically provide high-quality real-world tracking, support real-time performance and handle the mutual occlusion problem, estimating the position of the virtual data into the real scene and rendering the virtual content accordingly. In this survey, we focus on the occlusion handling problem in augmented reality applications and provide a detailed review of 161 articles published in this field between January 1992 and August 2020. To do so, we present a historical overview of the most common strategies employed to determine the depth order between real and virtual objects, to visualize hidden objects in a real scene, and to build occlusion-capable visual displays. Moreover, we look at the state-of-the-art techniques, highlight the recent research trends, discuss the current open problems of occlusion handling in augmented reality, and suggest future directions for research.

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