VIRTUE: a virtual reality museum Experience

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PubDate: March 2019

Teams: University of Basel

Writers: Ivan Giangreco;Loris Sauter;Mahnaz Amiri Parian;Ralph Gasser;Silvan Heller;Luca Rossetto;Heiko Schuldt

PDF: VIRTUE: a virtual reality museum Experience


The digitization of museum exhibits has raised the question of how to make these data accessible, particularly in light of the ever growing collections being available. In this demo, we present the VIRTUE system which allows curators to easily set up virtual museum exhibitions of static and dynamic 2D (paintings, photographs, videos, etc.) and 3D artifacts. Visitors may navigate through the virtual rooms, inspect the artifacts and interact with them in novel ways. Participants will be able to use the system by creating their own exhibitions, which they tour as a visitor.