Generative AI-empowered Effective Physical-Virtual Synchronization in the Vehicular Metaverse

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PubDate: Jan 2023

Teams: Nanyang Technological University;, Guangdong University of
Technology; Auburn University;University of Houston

Writers: Minrui Xu, Dusit Niyato, Hongliang Zhang, Jiawen Kang, Zehui Xiong, Shiwen Mao, Zhu Han

PDF: Generative AI-empowered Effective Physical-Virtual Synchronization in the Vehicular Metaverse


Metaverse seamlessly blends the physical world and virtual space via ubiquitous communication and computing infrastructure. In transportation systems, the vehicular Metaverse can provide a fully-immersive and hyperreal traveling experience (e.g., via augmented reality head-up displays, AR-HUDs) to drivers and users in autonomous vehicles (AVs) via roadside units (RSUs). However, provisioning real-time and immersive services necessitates effective physical-virtual synchronization between physical and virtual entities, i.e., AVs and Metaverse AR recommenders (MARs). In this paper, we propose a generative AI-empowered physical-virtual synchronization framework for the vehicular Metaverse. In physical-to-virtual synchronization, digital twin (DT) tasks generated by AVs are offloaded for execution in RSU with future route generation. In virtual-to-physical synchronization, MARs customize diverse and personal AR recommendations via generative AI models based on user preferences. Furthermore, we propose a multi-task enhanced auction-based mechanism to match and price AVs and MARs for RSUs to provision real-time and effective services. Finally, property analysis and experimental results demonstrate that the proposed mechanism is strategy-proof and adverse-selection free while increasing social surplus by 50%.

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