Inclusive AR/VR: Accessibility Barriers for Immersive Technologies

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PubDate: Apr 2023

Teams: Birmingham City University

Writers: Chris Creed, Maadh Al-Kalbani, Arthur Theil, Sayan Sarcar, Ian Williams

PDF: Inclusive AR/VR: Accessibility Barriers for Immersive Technologies


Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) hold significant potential to transform how we communicate, collaborate, and interact with others. However, there has been a lack of work to date investigating accessibility barriers in relation to immersive technologies for people with disabilities. To address current gaps in knowledge, we led two multidisciplinary Sandpits with key stakeholders (including academic researchers, AR/VR industry specialists, people with lived experience of disability, assistive technologists, and representatives from national charities and special needs colleges) to collaboratively explore and identify existing challenges with AR and VR experiences. We present key themes that emerged from Sandpit activities and map out the interaction barriers identified across a spectrum of impairments (including physical, cognitive, visual, and auditory disabilities). We conclude with recommendations for future work addressing the challenges highlighted to support the development of more inclusive AR and VR experiences.

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