A sub-wavelength Si LED integrated in a CMOS platform

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PubDate: February 2023

Teams: Massachusetts Institute of Technology;GlobalFoundries Singapore

Writers: Zheng Li, Jin Xue, Marc de Cea, Jaehwan Kim, Hao Nong, Daniel Chong, Khee Yong Lim, Elgin Quek & Rajeev J. Ram

PDF: A sub-wavelength Si LED integrated in a CMOS platform


A nanoscale on-chip light source with high intensity is desired for various applications in integrated photonics systems. However, it is challenging to realize such an emitter using materials and fabrication processes compatible with the standard integrated circuit technology. In this letter, we report an electrically driven Si light-emitting diode with sub-wavelength emission area fabricated in an open-foundry microelectronics complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor platform. The light-emitting diode emission spectrum is centered around 1100 nm and the emission area is smaller than 0.14 μm2 (~∅400 nm). This light-emitting diode has high spatial intensity of >50 mW/cm2 which is comparable with state-of-the-art Si-based emitters with much larger emission areas. Due to sub-wavelength confinement, the emission exhibits a high degree of spatial coherence, which is demonstrated by incorporating the light-emitting diode into a compact lensless in-line holographic microscope. This centimeter-scale, all-silicon microscope utilizes a single emitter to simultaneously illuminate ~9.5 million pixels of a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor imager.

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