3D-Mirrorcle: Bridging the Virtual and Real through Depth Alignment in Smart Mirror Systems

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PubDate: Otc 2023

Teams: Tsinghua University

Writers: Yujia Liu, Qi Xin, Chenzhuo Xiang, Yu Zhang, Yingqing Xu

PDF: 3D-Mirrorcle: Bridging the Virtual and Real through Depth Alignment in Smart Mirror Systems


Mirrors are ubiquitous in our daily lives. Recent advancements in technology have led to the introduction of smart mirrors that have screens integrated into their reflective surfaces to enable enhanced user interaction. However, this approach has led to a problem of depth disparity, as it can be difficult to see both userpics 3D reflection in the mirror and the 2D display on the screen at the same time, which may significantly impair the user experience of smart mirrors. To address this depth disparity and achieve seamless mirror-based augmented reality (AR) with better integration of screen content and mirror imaging, we present a system named 3D-Mirrorcle. Our system uses a lenticular grating between the screen and the half-mirror. Incorporated with real-time image adjustment and position adaptation algorithms, it can align the parallax of left and right views with the corresponding eyes, ensuring a precise depth alignment between the AR displays and the mirror reflection. To validate the effectiveness of 3D-Mirrorcle, we implemented a prototype that displays AR contours on the face in a makeup scenario, involving 36 participants for hands-on trials and evaluations. Experimental results demonstrate 3D-Mirrorclepics superiority over various other mirror-based AR technologies in terms of accuracy, task completion time, immersion, and satisfaction. These encouraging results highlight the immense potential of our method as a pivotal technology in bringing AR to everyday life.

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