Evaluating Gesture Recognition in Virtual Reality

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PubDate: Jan 2024

Teams:Sapienza Università di Roma

Writers:Sandeep Reddy Sabbella (1), Sara Kaszuba (1), Francesco Leotta (1), Pascal Serrarens (2), Daniele Nardi (1) ((1) Sapienza Università di Roma, Rome, Italy, (2) PaleBlue, Stavanger, Norway)

PDF:Evaluating Gesture Recognition in Virtual Reality


Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) has become increasingly important as robots are being integrated into various aspects of daily life. One key aspect of HRI is gesture recognition, which allows robots to interpret and respond to human gestures in real-time. Gesture recognition plays an important role in non-verbal communication in HRI. To this aim, there is ongoing research on how such non-verbal communication can strengthen verbal communication and improve the system’s overall efficiency, thereby enhancing the user experience with the robot. However, several challenges need to be addressed in gesture recognition systems, which include data generation, transferability, scalability, generalizability, standardization, and lack of benchmarking of the gestural systems. In this preliminary paper, we want to address the challenges of data generation using virtual reality simulations and standardization issues by presenting gestures to some commands that can be used as a standard in ground robots.

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