Integral imaging near-eye 3D display using a nanoimprint metalens array

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PubDate: Jan 2024

Teams:Sun Yat-sen University

Writers:Zhi-Bin Fan, Yun-Fan Cheng, Ze-Ming Chen, Xia Liu, Wen-Long Lu, Shi-Hao Li, Shao-Ji Jiang, Zong Qin & Jian-Wen Dong

PDF:Integral imaging near-eye 3D display using a nanoimprint metalens array


Integral imaging (II) display, one of the most critical true-3D display technologies, has received increasing research recently. Significantly, an achromatic metalens array has realized a broadband metalens-array-based II (meta-II). However, the past micro-scale metalens arrays were incompatible with commercial micro-displays; furthermore, the elemental image array (EIA) rendering is always slow. The two hinders in device and algorithm prevent meta-II from being used for practical video-rate near-eye displays (NEDs). This research demonstrates a meta-II NED combining a commercial micro-display and a metalens array. The large-area nanoimprint technology fabricates the metalens array, and a novel real-time rendering algorithm is proposed to generate the EIA. The hardware and software efforts solve the bottlenecks of video-rate meta-II displays. We also build a see-through prototype based on our meta-II NED, demonstrating the feasibility of augmented reality. Our work explores the potential of video-rate meta-II displays, which we expect can be valuable for future virtual and augmented reality.

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