A Design Space for Gaze Interaction on Head-mounted Displays

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PubDate: May 2019

Teams: Ulm University,University of Stuttgart

Writers: Teresa Hirzle;Jan Gugenheimer;Florian Geiselhart;Andreas Bulling;Enrico Rukzio

PDF: A Design Space for Gaze Interaction on Head-mounted Displays


Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) has entered the mass market and, with it, will soon eye tracking as a core technology for next generation head-mounted displays (HMDs). In contrast to existing gaze interfaces, the 3D nature of AR and VR requires estimating a user’s gaze in 3D. While first applications, such as foveated rendering, hint at the compelling potential of combining HMDs and gaze, a systematic analysis is missing. To fill this gap, we present the first design space for gaze interaction on HMDs. Our design space covers human depth perception and technical requirements in two dimensions aiming to identify challenges and opportunities for interaction design. As such, our design space provides a comprehensive overview and serves as an important guideline for researchers and practitioners working on gaze interaction on HMDs. We further demonstrate how our design space is used in practice by presenting two interactive applications: EyeHealth and XRay-Vision.