Steerable application-adaptive near eye displays

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Title: Steerable application-adaptive near eye displays

Teams: Nvidia;UNC

Writers: Kishore Rathinavel (UNC);Praneeth Chakravarthula (UNC);Kaan Akşit;Josef Spjut;Ben Boudaoud;Turner Whitted (NVIDIA);David Luebke;Henry Fuchs (UNC)

Publication date: August 12, 2018


The design challenges of see-through near-eye displays can be mitigated by specializing an augmented reality device for a particular application. We present a novel optical design for augmented reality near-eye displays exploiting 3D stereolithography printing techniques to achieve similar characteristics to progressive prescription binoculars. We propose to manufacture inter-changeable optical components using 3D printing, leading to arbitrary shaped static projection screen surfaces that are adaptive to the targeted applications. We identify a computational optical design methodology to generate various optical components accordingly, leading to small compute and power demands. To this end, we introduce our augmented reality prototype with a moderate form-factor, large field of view. We have also presented that our prototype is promising high resolutions for a foveation technique using a moving lens in front of a projection system. We believe our display technique provides a gate-way to application-adaptive, easily replicable, customizable, and cost-effective near-eye display designs.