Immersive Virtual Reality Training Tool for IoT Device Placement

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PubDate: September 2017

Teams: Beijing Dublin International College;University College Dublin Belfield

Writers: Yukun Jia;Abraham G. Campbell

PDF: Immersive Virtual Reality Training Tool for IoT Device Placement


The Internet of Things promises to revolutionise our lives but for all the largescale research into the field, one area has been neglected. This is the simple task of training staff to correctly place devices in an environment to create an ad-hoc wireless network that these devices require to be connected.

This training must include reference to obstacles and signals propagation models. Give the user a solid knowledge base by visually showing how the interconnectivity can take place and finally model aspects of the propagation including reflection and diffraction. This paper will outline the results of the creation of VR simulation of a generic space where IoT devices can be placed, and then evaluated in real time to test if their placement will be a viable network. To achieve this, the UNITY game engine is used for developing and HTC VIVE is used for testing.

Three models with different modes were successfully built in this project starting with a simple ‘Virtual Room’ case and followed by the 3D model of our university. The last model is a more realistic one with consideration of obstacles and signals propagation models.