CG aided makeup design to understand and manipulate the impression of facial look and attractiveness

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PubDate: September 2015

Teams: Shiseido Research Center,LINDA IN

Writers: Hitomi Ohtaka;Ai Nieda;Naruhito Toyoda;Megumi Tasaki;Ryo Takatama;Daisuke Kuwabara;Masashi Sakamoto

PDF: CG aided makeup design to understand and manipulate the impression of facial look and attractiveness


Facial color and texture make the impressions of facial look and attractiveness (e.g. gorgeous, sophisticated and warm-hearted). These impressions can be affected by facial makeups, including face foundation, lip-makeup, eye-makeup, eyebrow-makeup, and cheek-makeup. Face Foundation changes facial skin textures and adjusts facial skin tones. Lip-makeup changes lip colors and textures. However, it is difficult to figure out the detail of makeup impression clearly, because the meaning of language using in the questionnaire depends on the customer’s culture, lifestyle, or country. In addition, the questionnaire cannot measure the elements such as color, radiance and the shapes though these elements have an influence on makeup preference. Therefore, in our previous study, we developed the eyelash makeup design system by using computer graphics for quantitative interpretation of the makeup impression. However, it is not well understood which types of color and texture in specific face parts correspond to each impression of face attractiveness. We aim to understand the corresponding facial impressions and manipulate them as you like, by makeup. .In the present study, using MAYA, we first create a CG image of average face shape as an original image. We next manipulate the original image to create 9 images with various combinations of makeups, including foundation, lip-makeup, eye-makeup, eyebrow, and cheek; each of 9 images is intended to make one specific impression. We evaluate whether these images’ actual visual impressions on people correspond to our intended impressions of attractiveness.