The Sensation of Taste in the Future of Immersive Media

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PubDate: November 2014

Teams: New York University,National University of Singapore

Writers: Nimesha Ranasinghe;Kuan-Yi Lee;Gajan Suthokumar;Ellen Yi-Luen Do

PDF: The Sensation of Taste in the Future of Immersive Media


To create a truly immersive virtual experience, perceiving information through multiple human senses is important. Therefore, new forms of media are required that deeply involve various human senses -not only sight, sound, and touch, but also nontraditional senses like taste and smell- to create a perception of presence in a non-physical environment. However, at present, the sensation of taste is considered as one of the final frontiers of immersive media to be achieved. This paper discusses key aspects and opportunities of including the sensation of taste in the future of immersive media technologies. As a solution, we then present ‘Taste+’ utensils that digitally enhance the taste sensations of food and beverages without additional flavoring ingredients. Finally, we envision several future usage scenarios and challenges of the indicated technology to facilitate future immersive digital experiences.