Digital flavor interface

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PubDate: October 2014

Teams: New York University Abu Dhabi;

Writers: Nimesha Ranasinghe;Gajan Suthokumar;Kuan Yi Lee;Ellen Yi-Luen Do

PDF: Digital flavor interface


This demo presents a unique technology to enable digital simulation of flavors. The Digital Flavor Interface, a digital control system, is developed to stimulate taste (using electrical and thermal stimulation methodologies on the human tongue) and smell (using a controlled scent emitting mechanism) senses simultaneously, thus simulating different virtual flavors. A preliminary user experiment was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of this approach with five distinct flavor stimuli. The experimental results suggested that the users’ were effectively able to identify different flavors such as minty, spicy, and lemon flavor. In summary, our work demonstrates a novel controllable digital flavor instrument, which may be utilized in interactive computer systems for rendering virtual flavors.