JeL: Breathing Together to Connect with Others and Nature

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PubDate: July 2020

Teams: Simon Fraser University

Writers: Ekaterina R. Stepanova;John Desnoyers-Stewart;Philippe Pasquier;Bernhard E. Riecke

PDF: JeL: Breathing Together to Connect with Others and Nature


Bio-responsive immersive Virtual Reality can transform our interactions to bring awareness to our physiological rhythms fostering connection with our bodies, each other and nature. JeL is an immersive installation that aims to foster a feeling of connection through the process of breathing synchronization. Two immersants synchronize their breathing to fuel the growth of a coral-like structure that, together with the interactions of others, populates an initially empty coral reef. JeL is designed to support an intimate connection between users and with nature, sending a message about our collective capacity to care for the environment. JeL is an installation and research platform for exploring breathing synchronization and its effect on the feeling of connection. It was well received at a digital art festival where participants were able to relax and synchronize using the installation. Reflection on our design process and observations provides insights for the development of systems that promote connection.