PhyShare: Sharing Physical Interaction in Virtual Reality

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PubDate: Aug 2017

Teams: 60 5th Ave, Office 342

Writers: Zhenyi He, Fengyuan Zhu, Ken Perlin

PDF: PhyShare: Sharing Physical Interaction in Virtual Reality


We present PhyShare, a new haptic user interface based on actuated robots. Virtual reality has recently been gaining wide adoption, and an effective haptic feedback in these scenarios can strongly support user’s sensory in bridging virtual and physical world. Since participants do not directly observe these robotic proxies, we investigate the multiple mappings between physical robots and virtual proxies that can utilize the resources needed to provide a well rounded VR experience. PhyShare bots can act either as directly touchable objects or invisible carriers of physical objects, depending on different scenarios. They also support distributed collaboration, allowing remotely located VR collaborators to share the same physical feedback.

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