Holoscopic 3D Micro-Gesture Database for Wearable Device Interaction

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PubDate: Jan 2018

Teams: Brunel University London

Writers: Yi Liu, Hongying Meng, Mohammad Rafiq Swash, Yona Falinie A. Gaus, Rui Qin

PDF: Holoscopic 3D Micro-Gesture Database for Wearable Device Interaction


With the rapid development of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, human-computer interaction (HCI) has been greatly improved for gaming interaction of AR and VR control. The finger micro-gesture is one of the important interactive methods for HCI applications such as in the Google Soli and Microsoft Kinect projects. However, the progress in this research is slow due to the lack of high quality public available database. In this paper, holoscopic 3D camera is used to capture high quality micro-gesture images and a new unique holoscopic 3D micro-gesture (HoMG) database is produced. The principle of the holoscopic 3D camera is based on the fly viewing system to see the objects. HoMG database recorded the image sequence of 3 conventional gestures from 40 participants under different settings and conditions. For the purpose of micro-gesture recognition, HoMG has a video subset with 960 videos and a still image subset with 30635 images. Initial micro-gesture recognition on both subsets has been conducted using traditional 2D image and video features and popular classifiers and some encouraging performance has been achieved. The database will be available for the research communities and speed up the research in this area.

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