A Software Template for Multi-User Virtual Reality Applications

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PubDate: Aug 2020

Teams: University of Nevada

Writers: Calabrese, Lucas Emio Antonio

PDF: A Software Template for Multi-User Virtual Reality Applications


Virtual Reality (VR) is a new and exciting way to further immerse users in video games and is being explored to find new ways it can be used. Some of its uses include education, training, and entertainment. Virtual reality needs to be explored because of how it affects the user, whether it is due to the positive effects like increased immersion or if it is due to negative effects like fatigue or cybersickness. One area of Virtual Reality that needs to be explored is the aspect of multiplayer interaction.A template that enables research in understanding this area is needed. This thesis aims to provide, a Virtual Reality multi-user template that other developers can use to assist their research. This template allows users to communicate via voice chat, provides samples of how to set up user avatars, provide samples of locomotion, and provides scenario recording and playback. The Unity game engine along with networking software is foundational to accomplish this. This template was successful in being used to create two applications: a simple ping pong game and an application for a user study in training medical doctors and nurses.