Magic Bench — A Multi-User & Multi-Sensory AR/MR Platform

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Title: Magic Bench — A Multi-User & Multi-Sensory AR/MR Platform

Teams: Disney Research

Writers: Kyna McIntosh John Mars James Krahe Jim McCann Alexander Rivera Jake Marsico Ali Israr Shawn Lawson Moshe Mahler

Publication date: July 2017


Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR) create exciting opportunities to engage users in immersive experiences, resulting in natural human-computer interaction. Many MR interactions are generated around a €rst-person Point of View (POV). In these cases, the user directs to the environment, which is digitally displayed either through a head-mounted display or a handheld computing device. One drawback of such conventional AR/MR platforms is that the experience is user-speci€c. Moreover, these platforms require the user to wear and/or hold an expensive device, which can be cumbersome and alter interaction techniques. We create a solution for multi-user interactions in AR/MR, where a group can share the same augmented environment with any computer generated (CG) asset and interact in a shared story sequence through a third-person POV. Our approach is to instrument the environment leaving the user unburdened of any equipment, creating a seamless walk-up-and-play experience. We demonstrate this technology in a series of vigneŠes featuring humanoid animals. Participants can not only see and hear these characters, they can also feel them on the bench through haptic feedback. Many of the characters also interact with users directly, either through speech or touch. In one vigneŠe an elephant hands a participant a glowing orb. Œis demonstrates HCI in its simplest form: a person walks up to a computer, and the computer hands the person an object

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