A fluid human interactive proof in virtual environment

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PubDate: December 2017

Teams: California State University

Writers: Li Liu ; Wen-Chin Hsu

PDF: A fluid human interactive proof in virtual environment


With the advance of mobile technologies, virtual reality (VR) is coming to every corner of our life. The technology presents a major opportunity for retailers as they lure fickle shoppers to visit their virtual stores, particularly since modern consumers have shifted more of their buying habits online. Currently, merchants face the challenge to weed out malicious software from legitimate users to protect their online store. This paper presents a proof-of-concept technique to prevent abusing of a merchant’s online resources in a virtual environment. The technique exploits the large gap in ability between humans and software programs in spatial interaction while current methods determine whether or not a user is human by conducting various challenge-response tests based on reading. We design and implement a prototype system which demonstrates that the novel technique is capable of discriminating computerized interaction from real human input actions. The new technique improves user experience in virtual environment and system reliability by tackling the inaccessible-by-design nature of existing solutions in 2D interaction.