A Three Revolute-Revolute-Spherical Wearable Fingertip Cutaneous Device For Stiffness Rendering

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PubDate: September 2017

Teams: Aarhus Universitet Herning;CNRS at Irisa and Inria Rennes Bretagne Atlantique,Universita degli Studi di Siena

Writers: Francesco Chinello; Claudio Pacchierotti; Monica Malvezzi; Domenico Prattichizzo

PDF: A Three Revolute-Revolute-Spherical Wearable Fingertip Cutaneous Device for Stiffness Rendering


We present a novel three Revolute-Revolute-Spherical (3RRS) wearable fingertip device for the rendering of stiffness information. It is composed of a static upper body and a mobile end-effector. The upper body is located on the nail side of the finger, supporting three small servo motors, and the mobile end-effector is in contact with the finger pulp. The two parts are connected by three articulated legs, actuated by the motors. The end-effector can move toward the user’s fingertip and rotate it to simulate contacts with arbitrarily-oriented surfaces. Moreover, a vibrotactile motor placed below the end-effector conveys vibrations to the fingertip. The proposed device weights 25 g for 35 × 50 × 48 mm dimensions. To test the effectiveness of our wearable haptic device and its level of wearability, we carried out two experiments, enrolling 30 human subjects in total. The first experiment tested the capability of our device in differentiating stiffness information, while the second one focused on evaluating its applicability in an immersive virtual reality scenario. Results showed the effectiveness of the proposed wearable solution, with a JND for stiffness of 208.5 ± 17.2 N/m. Moreover, all subjects preferred the virtual interaction experience when provided with wearable cutaneous feedback, even if results also showed that subjects found our device still a bit difficult to use.