Olfactory Display Based on Sniffing Action

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PubDate: August 2018

Teams: Tokyo Institute of Technology

Writers: Shingo Kato; Takamichi Nakamoto

PDF: Olfactory Display Based on Sniffing Action


An olfactory display is a device which provides various scents to a user. Such devices are expected to be applied to VR since olfactory stimulus influences human emotion and enhances user experience. One of the main problems in the conventional olfactory display is that the odorants emitted from the device not only reach the nose but spread into the ambient air, so that the user experience may be changed by the remaining odor. To solve this problem, we have developed a newly structured olfactory display which utilizes human respiratory action. In the method, DC fan is driven to create an odor stream in front of the nostril. Thus, odor goes through the nostril only when the user sniffs it. The odor plume generation is based on the combination of SAW atomizer with micro dispensing valve. We have fabricated a prototype, and then evaluated the waste odor emitted into the air using a commercially available gas detector. It was demonstrated that the new structure makes it possible to reduce the waste odor emission into the air compared to the conventional method.