Spatiotemporal light control with active metasurfaces

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PubDate: May 2019

Teams: Stanford University;Purdue University

Writers: Amr M. Shaltout1, View ORCID ProfileVladimir M. Shalaev2, View ORCID ProfileMark L. Brongersma1,*

PDF: Spatiotemporal light control with active metasurfaces


Optical metasurfaces have opened an entirely new field in the quest to manipulate light. Optical metasurfaces can locally impart changes to the amplitude, phase, and polarization of propagating waves. To date, most of these metasurfaces have been passive, with the optical properties largely set in the fabrication process. Shaltout et al. review recent developments toward time-varying metasurfaces and explore the opportunities that adding dynamic control can offer in terms of actively controlling the flow of light.