Spherical Domain Rate-Distortion Optimization for Omnidirectional Video Coding

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PubDate: June 2018

Teams: Wuhan University;Microsoft Research Asia

Writers: Yiming Li; Jizheng Xu; Zhenzhong Chen

PDF: Spherical Domain Rate-Distortion Optimization for Omnidirectional Video Coding


Efficient compression of omnidirectional video is important for emerging virtual reality applications. To compress this kind of video, each frame is projected to a 2D plane [e.g., equirectangular projection (ERP) map] first, adapting to the input format of existing video coding systems. At the display side, an inverse projection is applied to the reconstructed video to restore signals in spherical domain. Such a projection, however, makes presentation and encoding in different domains. Thus, an encoder agnostic to the projection performs inefficiently. In this paper, we analyze how a projection influences the distortion measurements in different domains. Based on the analysis, we propose a scheme to optimize the encoding process based on signals’ distortion in spherical domain. With the proposed optimization, an average 4.31% (up to 9.67%) luma BD-rate reduction is achieved for ERP in random access configuration. The corresponding bit saving is averagely 10.84% (up to 34.44%) when considering the viewing field being π/2 . The proposed method also benefits other projections and viewport settings, with a marginal complexity increase.