Realistic Interaction System for Human Hand in Virtual Environments

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PubDate: June 2020

Teams: Changchun University of Science and Technology

Writers: Wei Quan; He Yang; Cheng Han; Yinong Li

PDF: Realistic Interaction System for Human Hand in Virtual Environments


In order to enhance the diversity of interaction between human hands and virtual objects, we adopt a physics-based method. Using the Coulomb friction model, we can interact with the virtual objects in a variety of ways, such as pushing, pulling, grasping manipulation without any predefined data. We define two interaction states, non-interactive state and interactive state. We adopt different update strategies of virtual hand posture in the two interaction states to effectively solve the problem of virtual hand penetrating the virtual object in the interaction process. In interactive state, we use inverse kinematics method to adjust the virtual hand posture. According to the physiological constraints of the real hand, we establish the motion constraints of the virtual finger which makes the posture of the virtual hand is natural and real. At last, an interaction system is developed. Experiments has shown that proposed method can satisfy real-time interaction and support diversity interactive operations. The virtual hand posture presented during interaction is natural and realistic.