Stereoscopic visualization of 3D model using OpenGL

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PubDate: March 2018

Teams: Institute of Information and Control Hangzhou Dianzi University,Chinese Academy of Sciences

Writers: Zunjie Zhu; Chenggang Yan; Liang Li; Yongning Ren; Qiqi Luo; Jun Li

PDF: Stereoscopic visualization of 3D model using OpenGL


The three-dimensional display technology is not only the key of the virtual reality but also the basement of Virtual Reality (VR) system, and the formation of depth perception which is achieved by binocular disparity provided a significant benefit to 3D display. In the current market, the 3D effect is directly determined by employing double-viewpoint method which contains the distance information of the scene. Based on stereo vision and the use of OpenGL, this paper is to extract multi-view images from the virtual 3D model, then transform it into a stereoscopic disparity map to solve the 3D display problems. The visualization system comprises the 3D model reading and the creation of binocular disparity map. The previous part introduces the reading process of vertex information and the drawing of vertices. The follow-up is made by the monocular transformation algorithm and the drawing of double-viewpoint map.