Touchless Haptic Feedback for Supernatural VR Experiences

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PubDate: August 2018

Teams: Ultrahaptics Ltd

Writers: Jonatan Martinez; Daniel Griffiths; Valerio Biscione; Orestis Georgiou; Tom Carter

PDF: Touchless Haptic Feedback for Supernatural VR Experiences


Haptics is an important part of the VR space as seen by the plethora of haptic controllers available today. By using a novel ultrasonic haptic device, we developed and integrated mid-air haptic sensations without the need to wear or hold any equipment in a VR game experience. The compelling experience combines visual, audio and haptic stimulation in a supernatural narrative in which the user takes on the role of a wizard apprentice. By using different haptified patterns we could generate a wide range of sensations which mimic supernatural interactions (wizard spells). We detail our methodology and briefly discuss our findings and future work.

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