A virtual reality application enriched with food taxonomy

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PubDate: July 2018

Teams: ERARGE-Ergünler Ltd.;Suleyman Demirel Universitesi

Writers: Alper Kanak; Ali Yasin Erdoğan; Berke Can Yilmaz

PDF: A virtual reality application enriched with food taxonomy


With the recent developments in Internet and innovative technologies, food industry has evolved in the globe. Online food order solutions adopted to personalized health and wellbeing requirements provide easier access to a wide range of foods. Such online web sites based on opportunity equality have significantly grown the market. Additionally, the growing tourism sector worldwide has significantly increased the need on visual access to gastronomic and cultural information related to foods. However, while opportunities, easiness and diffusion among cultures through food industry increase, there is a growing risk of health or low satisfaction due to unconscious ordering. Thus, ordering enriched with visual perception and knowledge has come to forward. In this paper, an interactive rstaurant environment is presented by virtual reality specialized according to users’ preferences and personal budget. In the proposed solution a food taxonomy that is based on Turkish food industry is taken into account.

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