The Virtual Emotion Loop: Towards Emotion-Driven Services via Virtual Reality

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PubDate: Feb 2021

Teams: University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland

Writers: Davide Andreoletti, Luca Luceri, Tiziano Leidi, Achille Peternier, Silvia Giordano

PDF: The Virtual Emotion Loop: Towards Emotion-Driven Services via Virtual Reality


The importance of emotions in service and product design is well known. Despite this, however, it is still not very well understood how users’ emotions can be incorporated in a product or service lifecycle. In this paper, we argue that this gap is due to a lack of a methodological framework for an effective investigation of the emotional response of persons when using products and services. Indeed, the emotional response of users is generally investigated by means of methods (e.g., surveys) that are not effective for this purpose. In our view, Virtual Reality (VR) technologies represent the perfect medium to evoke and recognize users’ emotional response, as well as to prototype products and services (and, for the latter, even deliver them). In this paper, we first provide our definition of emotion-driven services, and then we propose a novel methodological framework, referred to as the Virtual-Reality-Based Emotion-Elicitation-Emotion-Recognition loop (VEE-loop), that can be exploited to realize it. Specifically, the VEE-loop consists in a continuous monitoring of users’ emotions, which are then provided to service designers as an implicit users’ feedback. This information is used to dynamically change the content of the VR environment (VE), until the desired affective state is solicited. Finally, we discuss issues and opportunities of this VEE-loop, and we also present potential applications of the VEE-loop in research and in various application areas.

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