Gaze-contingent Screen Adjustment

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PubDate: September 2018

Teams: Dwarkadas J Sanghvi College of Engineering

Writers: Anshul Vora; Rishabh Shah; Hrutwin Pottekkatt; Deepen Parmar

PDF: Gaze-contingent Screen Adjustment


In recent times, smartphones, tablets and e-book readers have been introducing an increasing amount of computer vision based features. Some of the features include-unlocking using facial recognition, virtual reality based games, et al. In this paper, we have discussed another use of computer vision in daily device usage-adjustment of the screen, depending on the user’s gaze. We shall be discussing the methods used to track the position of the eyeball, and how gaze-tracking can be used to make adjustments to the screen magnification, orientations and focus. Once eyeball tracking is achieved, the data can be used to change the magnification of the screen, or simply move the content depending on eye position-just like it would move in real life. We propose to use the device’s inbuilt camera to take images of the user’s eye position. These images can be processed using MATLAB-based software.

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