Object Manipulation: Interaction for Virtual Reality on Multi-touch Screen

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PubDate: January 2020

Teams: MRAD of Beijing Institute of Technology

Writers: Jiafei Pan; Dongdong Weng; Jialong Mo

PDF: Object Manipulation: Interaction for Virtual Reality on Multi-touch Screen


We propose a virtual reality interaction method based on multitouch screen, which provides a human-computer interaction method for gesture touch control for manipulating 3D virtual objects in the virtual world. The method combines the real touch screen and the touch gestures, and the user can directly interact with the real touch screen like a daily tablet to control objects in the virtual environment. The interaction mode enables the user to obtain the real dynamic feedback information while interacting, and meets the daily operation habits of the user, so the operation of the object with multiple degrees of freedom is more accurate and convenient. Since the virtual object can be operated by translating, rotating, scaling, etc., this interaction can be applied to various display systems, and the user can obtain a more realistic and intuitive feeling through multi-angle observation. In the interactive system we designed, the hands and touch screens in the real world will be mapped in the virtual scene to achieve virtual and real registration, providing visual tracking of the contact between the hand and the touch screen, improving user immersion and realism.

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